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Society of Shadows


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NOT RPG, This site is not recomended for persons under the age of 15. I looked it up this site has been around since 2001. the new site
Society OF Shadows
now you know how to get to the new site please remember that everything on this the old site is outdated.


Im making a new site. we will be moving I have a bit of the new place up though I will keep all of this up for two reasons; one its free so im not losing money that its staying up, two the new place I am hosting from my own computer so I own the server that its on making it also free but there is a problem with the new place my address cant be redirected to there so this place is still good for telling you from here how to get there but I wont update this place anymore, well I will take some things down and I will keep it up so tripod wont take the site down .

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